Trading Post

rading Post

Note: Anyone who steals goods or money from either the castle, or a fellow player, will be permanently banned from Dan-Craft. Your personal relationship to me is irrelevant this is not a joke. Honor system people.

The Dan-Craft server will offer the ambitious system known as the Trading Post. This system is based on the currency form the Millénaire NPC Mod. There are three kinds of currency. Copper, Silver, and Gold coins.

64 Copper Coins = 1 Silver Coin
64 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin

Currency exchange is available if you need silver or gold broken into smaller coin. There is a charge of 1 Copper.

    All mods without prices featured on this page will not be included in the castle trading post. The items from these mods will not be bought or sold by the castle. This is partly to make the system easier, and partly to encourage private trading with those who specialize in these mods.

Quick Links
Click on the series of items below and it will have links to the buy and sell prices.

The castle of Laconia has a grand treasury filled with an enormous sum of wealth. There is a large central building filled with storage chests for all the different items in Dan-Craft. Any player can give the goods they have gathered to the Castle Storage in exchange for coin. The prices of all items will be listed on this wiki.

You may also purchase any item stored in the castle with the same currency, giving the currency value. So, all money you earn contributing goods to the castle can be used to buy any other goods the castle has. Items sold by the castle are sold at a rate 25 to 50% higher than the purchase price. This is to encourage players to actually find things themselves, and to sell and buy from their fellow players, and only buy from Laconia when necessity requires you to.

Because the currency has value, it can also be used to trade goods privately between players.

  • The Millenaire villages buy and sell a few items at a higher price than the castle, so to prevent this being exploited the castle will not sell these items in high quantities (to avoid people buying it low from the castle and selling it high to the villages). Honor system people! This is a community do not exploit it! We encourage you to enjoy the low prices of the castle, but please support the system buy selling to the community as well.

  • Buy:
    To buy goods from the castle, you must calculate the worth of the items you are buying on this wiki. You may take the items from the chest yourself. Place your payment in the labeled chest on TOP of the building the Castle Storage is within. The same roof that holds the nether and twilight forest portals. I will collect this coin at my convenience. Alert me when you buy something. Items in locked chests must can only be purchased from me directly so alert me if you wish to purchase any of these more valuable items.
  • Sell:
    To sell goods to the castle, go to the trading post like above. Next to it, there will be chests each labeled with a players name. Put your goods that you wish to sell the castle in your labeled chest and alert me. I will take the goods and replace them with your payment which you can pick up at your convenience.

  • Private Transactions:
    Buying or selling goods from player to player is in no way regulated.
  • Surplus:
    If the castle gains a surplus of a specific item, i will no longer purchase it from players. I will post which items have a surplus on this wiki.
  • Unmarked Goods:
    Any goods that do not have a listed price on this wiki can only be sold to the castle through bartering with me directly for them. I may or may not take the item. If i do not, it can only be sold to another player privately. However, you should ask me first as i may have just not listed the price for it yet.

  • Enchanted Items:
    The castle will never purchase or sell enchanted items. Feel free to trade them between players in private transactions.
  • Spawn Eggs
    Spawn Eggs can instantly spawn any creature, and i have the eggs of every creature from the Dan-Craft mods. The formula for the cost of these eggs are 5 Silver + X + Y.
    X = the value of any items gained from killing the creature
    Y = special fee for any uniquely rare mobs (Ender-Dragon, Wither, Etc…)
    Special fee usually does not apply, and those rare mobs i likely won’t sell anyway
  • Potions
    Vanilla potions are not bought or sold by the castle. You must get them from other players.
  • End Stone
    End Stone is not bought or sold at the castle. It also is without inherent value as i have disabled the recipe for the dragon bike, which means the dragon cannot be crafted, only purchased from the castle.

Trading Post

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