ods Added:

Below is links to all the mods i am including on this server. Clicking will take you to the main forum page for each respective mod, which is were you will find guides, recipes, and other information about them. Some of the mods below i have already added, others are those i will be adding and are for sure updating. The ones that are crossed out i have not added yet.

READ ME: I have manually changed many of the key controls from these mods for compatibility. Go to options/controls to see all of them in game.

Animal Bikes

Antique Atlas

Ancient Warfare

Animated Player


Back Tools

Balkon’s Weapons

Better Animations

Battle Towers


Big Trees

Castle Defenders

Crafting Guide
Notes: Shows the recipe of every item, mods included. Once you make it once you can access it without even having the book in your inventory, just press “G”

Craft Heraldry

Custom LAN

Doggy Talents

Dragon Mounts
Notes: Cage the dragon baby and let it grow up. Then feed raw fish to tame.

Mo Creatures

Dungeon Mobs

Dungeon Pack

Dynamic Lights

Notes: Light producing objects like torches emit light when held. Walk through a dungeon with your last torch!

Extra Biomes XL

Familiars Extended

Fantastic Fish

Fossils & Archeology

Grimoire of Gaia


Note: Not including bamboo, rice, or apple extensions.

Note: Set only a choice few of these biomes. Many creatures won’t spawn in them.

ID Fix

Infernal Mobs

Notes: Hit the “J” key to see the entirety of what you have explored in that world.

Lycanites Mobs

MAtmos Sounds

Millenaire Villages

Mind & Blade: Battlegear

Notes: By far the most drastic change to minecraft. Read into the changes carefully. A manual should have been included in your Dan-Craft download.

Mob Amputation

Mob Dismemberment

More Zombies

Multi-Page Chest
Notes: A chest with well over 100 slots. Crucial with all the items in Dan-Craft

Mutant Creatures

Obsidian Boats


Paintings ++
Notes: I made a huge selection of custom paintings

Painting Selection
Notes: Type /painting when looking at a painting on a wall to see all options. Will only show what paintings will fit on that wall.

REI’s Mini-Map
Notes: Set waypoints and find your dead body with ease.

Ropes +

RPG Inventory


Ships & Sailing

Show Durability


Special Mobs

Stalker Creepers

Status Effect HUD

Teleport Pads
Notes: At the spawn is a chest with Teleport Registers. When holding one, stand on the Tele-Pad and you can port to the other cities. When you do, put the register inside the chest next to the receiver on that end so it is not lost. You need those registers to teleport between cities so don’t travel away from the cities with them.

Thaumcraft 4

Thaumcraft Mob Aspects

Notes: This drops a tombstone with your inventory in it when you die. Incredibly useful when combined with death-points

Tool Belt

Notes: When using an axe, the bottom tree block will break very slowly but when it finishes all of the wood will fall.


Twilight Forest

Weeping Angels

Zombie Awareness


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