Downloads and Installation

Downloads & Installation

This is a PRIVATE server for invites only. If ANY player ever joins that i did not personally invite i will be forced to make this page private from view and change the server address.


Install Instructions

  • 1) Install the newest version of java 8 (make sure x64 if your computer is 64 bit)
  • 2) Delete your old versions of java
  • 3) Download Minecraft (preferably x64 bit if you have a 64 bit computer).
  • 4) Run minecraft once
  • 5) In your start bar, type (%appdata%) and open the .minecraft folder
  • 7) You will need 7-Zip or Winrar to open the downloads
  • 8) Replace all items in your .minecraft with the download file called “Dan-Craft 3.0”
  • 9) When minecraft starts up on the page with the “Play” option, open the “Edit Profile” button in the bottom left corner. In the profile settings, there is a line of code at the bottom labeled JVM Arguments. At the beginning of this code is the lines -Xmx7G and Xms7G. This tells minecraft to allocate 7GB of Ram to running minecraft. Change this number in both to be one GB less then what your computer has available. For example, if you have 6GB of ram change the 7 to a 5. Then hit Save Profile and play
  • 10) Make sure you start up minecraft using the “profile” Dan-Craft, option bottom left.
  • 12) During the startup, switching textures, and loading of a new map, minecraft will often freeze up and say “Not Responding”. Do no touch it until it loads. It is not crashed and simply needs time to boot up.
  • 13) Once the game is loaded and you can move, check for lag and adjust your video settings accordingly. If you are having performance issues and you have at least 8GB of ram then it is likely video settings. Try with fast graphics, all smooth lighting off or minimized, render distance 8-, and all animations off.

Connect Instructions

Too connect to the server, follow the instructions below.

  • Sign in to Minecraft
  • On the main menu, select Multiplayer, then Add Server.
  • Enter the address below
  • If you are having trouble connecting, refresh the page or re-enter the server address. Also make sure you entered the address exactly as seen above.

Downloads and Installation

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