Bugs and Exploits

ugs & Exploits
Below are the list of known Bugs & Exploits for the Dan-Craft server which will be added to over time. They are a work in progress and will be better defined as they are discovered.

Taking advantage of any bugs or exploits on the server will result in being suspended or Banned. Feel free to abuse them in singleplayer, but not on the server.



  • There is a really terrible bug that seems to be only happening on one computer where randomly a zombie head spawns over the player head completely eliminating sight. This is caused by the amputation mod. If anyone else gets this bug we will delete the mod


  • Dragon Mounts Mod: This mod does not work in multiplayer. The dragon will automatically think the server admin is their master. There is no fix.
  • Mine-Fantasy: Not a bug, but to get salt from paper you need to be in deep water over a sand sea-floor.
  • Rei’s Mini-Map: Sometimes in multiplayer the waypoints will be deleted upon logging in. Rarely happens and may be caused by the server being shut down while people are online.
  • Server Chunk Generation It seems that chunks generate differently when we switched to multiplayer. As soon as we did, the edge of the lands i had explore in single player do not flow smoothly into new land, so the edges of every i had explore prior to the server starting are going to appear blocky and not match. Everything past these edges generates perfectly fine again but it creates some aesthetically displeasing boundaries between the edge of single player generated terrain and the beginning of terrain generated in multiplayer. Once you pass this threshold at any point all terrain will generate perfectly beyond that.
  • Mod Controls Once again, not a bug, but there multiple conflicts with mod key controls. This can easily be fixed in your control options menu by each individual.

  • Bugs and Exploits

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