Bugs and Exploits

ugs & Exploits
Below are the list of known Bugs & Exploits for the Dan-Craft server which will be added to over time. They are a work in progress and will be better defined as they are discovered.

The vast majority of bugs can be fixed by logging out and back in.

Taking advantage of any bugs or exploits on the server will result in being suspended or Banned. Feel free to abuse them in singleplayer, but not on the server.



  • Block Lag: This technically isn’t a bug as it is caused by extreme lag on the server end. It rarely happens now as we have installed a mod to help with it, however the more people are online the more often it will occur. It makes blocks you have already destroyed come back for a second or two before it breaks again, dropping the item. There is no fix for this but it also subsides on its own when the connection gets better. If it is severe enough that it is making it difficult to play, all I can suggest is log out and come back in after an hour or so to see if it has stopped.


  • Ancient War Gate: The gates from the ancient warfare mod sometimes don’t let you walk through them. This is only caused by the small gates, large ones do not glitch. Destroy small gates and only make/use large ones to fix.
  • Inventory Glitch: There are a couple bugs that occur in the inventory due to lag. It usually will cause an item to switch back into your bar after you already took it off, or doesn’t let you pick up new items, or doesn’t allow you to interact with your inventory. This is a symptom of lag on your connection and can usually be fixed by logging out and back in. This is a minor bug as it doesn’t happen often and is easily fixed.
  • Teleportation Glitch: Sometimes when you teleport, you get stuck on a textured screen. Simply log out and log backit.

  • Bugs and Exploits

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