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Hayden the Clean, Journal Entry 2

I tightened my grip on the hilt of my blade as I slowly, and gently stepped down the unkept hallway. The endless moans and growls of the undead flooded the entire dungeon making it impossible to hear exactly where any one Zombie was. Approaching a turn in the hallway I nervously stepped forward as I futilely attempted to see every direction at once in fear of being caught by surprise. Just as I turned the corner, revealing an empty hallway, I heard an abnormally loud growl come from behind me. I spun around just in time to see a Zombie fumbling towards me. This unfortunate soul was clearly homely before zombification, but now he was absolutely hideous; a good portion of his face had been gnawed off and his skin had started to rot. The blood in his veins had left his body long ago and his wounds had dried up. Whatever dark magics that kept him moving far after his will to live and body had been broken were among the unholiest things I’ve ever witnessed.

I whispered a quick prayer under my breathe and charged the ghoul. Just before I clashed with him I raised my hand to his chest and slammed him against the wall. He flailed his arms about and shook violently as I pinned him. His brittle ribcage caved in as my gauntlet drove through his soft flesh. “Salvation through annihilation!” I screamed as I raised my sword and brought it down upon his head. The blade effortlessly slid through his partially decayed skull destroying his brain and at last, putting his soul to rest.

In all the commotion I hadn’t realized the sound of running that rang throughout the halls. Before I even had time to recover another zombie burst into the hallway, and behind it, another followed even quicker. Within second a horde of them had appeared; they each moved individually, getting in each other’s way and pushing one another against the walls of the tight corridor. I quickly collected myself and sprinted the opposite way, stumbling as I panicked. I had no idea what lie ahead of me, but anything sounded better than what was behind me. Eventually, I ended up in a strange room; it held nothing but a number of other, smaller rooms, other than that it was a dead end.

I glanced behind me briefly and saw that not only had the horde grown but it had also picked up speed. Completely terrified I tried to act quickly, so I chose a random room and hoped for the best. I swung the door open, revealing an empty room. Not at all what I was hoping for, but it was far too late to go back now so I rushed in and closed the door behind me. I slid down the door on my back, sitting down to catch my breath while I braced for the arrival of the undead horde. I didn’t even have time to take one deep breath before the mob collided with the door to my room. The impact easily overpowered my resistance and threw me away from the ancient stone door I was braced against. The never ending stream of zombies poured into the room as I cut them down one by one. As more and more zombies got into the room at once it became harder and harder to hold them off. I thrusted my blade into the chest of an entering Zombie, another grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off balance. The zombie that was impaled by my blade didn’t stop his advance and pushed me onto the ground. Within seconds I was covered in a pile of bloodthirsty ghouls. My screams quickly subsided as my life was forcefully ripped, piece by piece from my very flesh.


Title Screen

Title Screen – the only mercy ever given in Dan-Craft.

Hayden's First Encounter

I awoke standing in the desert, holding my arm out in front of me. I studied my surroundings as rolling hills of sand appeared around me. Suddenly, in the distance, a town took shape. The awkwardly built streets bustled with desert dwellers, they didn’t pay much attention to me; just stared blankly, like they weren’t even alive. I started towards the village, stopping in mid step from pure exhaustion every few seconds as more and more new lands popped up everywhere, or possibly stopping from some other, more sinister reason.
When I arrived at the town I ran around wildy, discovering new rooms and people. I stepped into what looked to be a storage room. Quickly, I opened the nearest chest discovering nothing inside; maybe there was something inside in reality, but I was far too excited to notice. I then sprinted out of the building jumping on top of what seemed to be a planter. Inside it held rows of crops. I noticed the standard wheat crop, but on the far side there was something that I didn’t recognize. I leaped across the planter, probably breaking a few crops with my fall, and punched the closest mystery crop. In an explosion of flora a yellow triangular object made it’s way into my hands, it claimed to be a “carrot”, whatever that meant.
Now with the awesome power of the “carrot” in hand I was ready to face fate, so I sprinted full speed towards an elephant grazing in a near field; I then swung the “carrot” with all my might. It quickly struck the elephant and rebounded back into exactly the same position it was in. But boy was the elephant pissed off. It rained down a typhoon of primal strength and tusks upon my blocky body. The pain was overwhelming, but I managed to continue my assault. Through all this I received some sort of hulk strength and was literally able to throw the elephant into the air with every swing. Blood spewed out of… well… one of us.. I’m not too sure who. But definitely someone was bleeding! Rage metaphorically blinded me and blood literally as with every strike I drove the carrot deeper and deeper into his thick hide spraying blood into my eyes, apparently. Eventually, he collapsed mid air and out of his lifeless body shot not one, but TWO hides. I triumphed over this double hided behemoth; nothing can stop me now. Dan-Craft, you are not prepared.


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