World vs World

orld versus World is a new PvP game type I invented for Dan-craft, WvW for short. I was inspired by the PvP game of the same name from the popular MMO Guild Wars 2.

  • Intro:
    To start, there are two teams of 3 or more. The Blue team resides in the Blue Keep, and the Yellow team is based in the Yellow Keep. Both team start out with no experience, and receive a small starter kit in their keep. The castles feature various fortifications and vantage points, but the most important part is the Bed Chamber.
  • Starting Spawn
    At the beginning of the game, all players start on a small island near the red keep. This is before the game actually starts so don’t kill eachother yet! Each chest has teleporters to the respective keeps. Teleport to your keep, then i will teleport there and collect the teleportation stones, which i will destroy before the game starts. Once everyone has slept once in their keep (which will require everyone sleeping at the same time) the game will begin as soon as everyone wakes up.

  • Starter Kit:
    Each team begins with one Multi-Page chest and a starter kit.

    • Bed Chamber:
      The object of the game is to kill the enemy players, but all players begin with an official spawn bed in their castle. These beds are housed in an obsidian tower inside each castle, and cannot be moved. An enemy player can only be eliminated if you first destroy or take their bed. Once an enemy bed has been neutralized they go onto “Death Watch”, where if they die again they are eliminated from the game. Note: There is no altering the bed chambers, this includes the entire obsidian structure. No block placing in or immediately around this building.
    • Death Watch:
      Once an enemy bed has been neutralized they go onto “Death Watch”, where if they die again they are eliminated from the game. So, it is vital that each team protect their respective bed chambers from the enemy. If you are on “Death Watch” the only way to get off of it is to steal an enemies bed, and return it to YOUR bed chamber back in your home keep. This removes you from “Death Watch”. Recovering your original bed from whoever stole it and putting in back in your chamber will also remove you from Death Watch.
    • Death Watch Timer:
      If you are on “Death Watch” for 1 hour, you are automatically kicked from the game and effectively have been killed.
    • Death Watch Alert:
      Within 180 seconds of a bed being taken or destroyed, the player must be alerted that they are on Death Watch. Until they are publicly alerted they are not prone to permanent death. The person who destroyed or stole the bed MUST alert the player who it belongs to within 180 seconds of taking it. If they fail to do so, the bed will be returned to the player who owned it. It is in your best interest to alert them early, as it will put them on official Death Watch, but will also mean the enemy will be alerted to your proximity and will seek you out. I advise running as far as you can in that 3 minute window.
    • War Bed:
      Players can also make another bed to move their spawn point, likely to make it closer to the enemy for an offensive. However, the bed they started with in their castle must stay where it is, and will still be used to determine if a player is on “Death Watch”. If a player with a war bed has their home spawn taken or destroyed, they will enter “Death Watch” normally and will still be disqualified unless they replace their original bed with one of the enemies’ original beds. The War Bed is entirely for convenience.
    • Rally Call:
      When you learn the enemy is attacking, you can make a rally call over chat. A team may only make one rally call per every 30 minutes. This means that you cannot alert your allies if you have called for aid within the last half an hour. I will keep track of these timers. This becomes very relevant when considering the Bed Buffer below.
    • Bed Buffer:
      If you learn your keep is under attack and wish to kill yourself so to spawn in your keep, you may do so but not until you have waited 180 seconds (3 minutes). This is the bed buffer. I will count down the bed buffer as soon as someone makes a public message that they are under attack and calling for aid. If you die during this period accidentally (not by enemy attack) and spawn inside the keep, you must stay INSIDE your bed chamber until the buffer period is over. NOTE: If you find out about the attack illegally (your team-mate is in the same room and accidentally alerts you) then you must still wait 3 minutes before respawning in your keep.
    • Red Keep:
      A third keep rests on an island south of Blue and Yellow keep. The Red Keep. This castle is filled with monsters, traps, and other perils. However, it is also filled with game-changing loot that the players will not find mining or foraging and could quickly turn the tide of the game for the team who acquires them. The obvious setback is losing a player that would be defending, gathering, or attacking who is instead doing a risky dungeon raid far away from the front lines.
    • Keep Pyramids:
      Both keeps are already fitted with a pyramid for a beacon. The Blue Keep pyramid is made of Diamond, and the Yellow Keep of Gold. Harvesting or interfering with these blocks in any way will immediately result in the player responsible being kicked from the game. These blocks have a set purpose and WILL NOT be meddled with.
    • Beacon Tower:
      A fortified tower will be placed on land in-between and to the north of the two keeps. Inside the top of the tower will be a beacon. If one of the teams acquires the beacon and places it on top of their keeps’ pyramid, activating the beacon, they will receive me as a player on their team. I am known as the Keep Lord in this function.
    • Keep Lord:
      The keep Lord (me) can ONLY gather resources, and defend the keep from invaders. These are my only allowed functions. I can attack enemies in the environment, but I cannot participate in direct attacks on the enemy keep, nor can I try to gather loot from the Red Keep. I cannot even enter the Red Keep or the enemy keep. I must be given a bed by the team that acquires me, which will be placed inside the bed chamber. If the beacon of the keep that controls me is taken or destroyed by the enemy I become inactive and can no longer aid the team. This provides incentives for the enemy, who can disable me by targeting the beacon.
    • Keep Lord Swap:
      If the enemy takes your beacon, and gets it back to their own keep to be activated, I switch teams and become THEIR keep lord.
    • Keep Lord Pursuit
      During the beggining of the game I am neutral. However, when someone takes the beacon and tries to transfer it to their keep, i will try to intercept them. Likewise, once i belong to one of the keeps, if the enemy team steals the beacon i will try and retrieve it until they get it to their pyramid
    • Victory:
      When all the enemy players are put on Death Watch and subsequently killed, your team wins the game. All players on the winning team will receive rewards from the Laconia Treasury back in the regular game.

    World vs World

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