Below are the rules for the Dan-Craft server which will be added to over time. They are a work in progress and will be better defined as problems arise in the course of the servers lifetime.


  • There are beacons made of valuable blocks throughout the world
  • Multiple Gold ones in Laconia, a gold one at the yellow keep, and a diamond one at the blue keep.
  • Taking ANY of the blocks from these pyramids or disturbing them in ANY way will result in being BANNED.


  • There is ZERO tolerance for rule breaking
  • Violaters will be suspended or banned immediately
  • Some lesser violations will result in a bounty on the offender
  • I will pay players to harrass, destroy, and steal from the player who has a bounty


  • There is no destroying or harvesting ANY blocks from the cities or asthetic structures.


  • In capacity of King, i have supreme power over the server
  • However, i will play just like everyone else
  • I must collect, buy, and sell items and cannot take any for my own use
  • I can use some items in offical Admin use but they must be put back immediately


  • Stealing from the treasury will result in immediate BAN
  • Interfering with me during trading will result in immediate BAN
  • Entering my castle across the sky bridge is NOT allowed (unless invited)
  • This is a community and there will be an Honor System. Any who disrupt this will be BANNED


  • There is no attacking other players who have not harmed you first
  • There is no stealing items that are not yours
  • There is no destroying of structures built by other players
  • NOTHING is allowed that hinders the gameplay of other players


  • PvP is allowed, but not griefing
  • See the PvP wiki page for more info

Trading Post

  • There is a trading system in Laconia with currency
  • Getting into any of the locked chests will result in being BANNED
  • See the Trading Post wiki page for more info


  • Any punishment i rule on can be over-ruled with a unanimous vote.
  • I will periodically hold votes on decisions i wish for input on


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