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elcome to the wiki for the Dan-Craft server. Below you will find all the information you will need about Dan-Craft. This includes mods, server rules, character models, and other information.

Dan-Craft 3

Version 1.7.10

Server Lore:

We come from a world where powerful nations of Dragon Riders ruled. We all came from different kingdoms and nations and follow different traditions. Many of our nations were once bitter enemies. Not long ago, a powerful magical cataclysm destroyed our entire world. We are the sole survivors of our respective nations that were able to teleport to another dimension in time to avoid the apocalyptic ending of our once mighty world. Now, an uneasy truce has been made among the survivors as we try to survive in this new hostile world. Each players tries to rebuild a new home to recreate their respective culture and nations, each of which rest on the brink of extinction. However, different views of how we should rule this new land are festering, and the fear that rekindling the study of powerful magic might bring another cataclysm to this new land runs deep in the hearts of many survivors… Will avoid our home worlds fate? Will we find a path to peace or will war doom the last hope for the rebuilding of entire nations in the cradle? Log in and decide for yourself.

Connect Instructions

Too connect to the server, follow the instructions below.

  • Sign in to Minecraft
  • Make sure you are using the Dan-Craft profile in the lower left corner
  • On the main menu, select Multiplayer, then Add Server.
  • Enter the address of the server
  • (Server Address given upon request)
  • If you are having trouble connecting, refresh the page or re-enter the server address. Also make sure you entered the address exactly as seen above.

Main Page

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