There are a total of 5 cities i have set up in Dan-Craft. The capitol is Laconia, and the other cities are on the edge of the generated environment in different directions. Each city will have a Waypoint, so once you visit a city you can key a teleportation stone to it.

  • Erebor
    This is the first City, the great Dwarven Mountain of Erebor. The old ruins have long been abandoned, and it is up to the players to take them back again.
  • Laconia
    The capitol of the Dan-Craft Server. The central location of the world. Here you will find just about everything, including the Trading Post, PvP games, and much more. The city was once the capitol of a great Dwarven kingdom and their extensive mine still lie beneath the city.
  • Winterfell
    The great Northern City of Winterfell. Winterfell lies on the edge of icy water and snowy wastelands, but is one of the grandest cities in the world and the farthest North.
  • Riverrun
    Riverrun lies to the West and is housed in a great tree. This elven city is beautiful to behold. It lies in a vast meadow surrounded by thick jungle and forests.
  • Iron Ridge
    Iron Ridge is built in a large canyon and carved into the stone. A great mining city, and lies far to the east of Laconia. A human mining city, Iron Ridge is the farthest civilized land to the east.

City Room & Board

  • Rooms set up within the cities are claimed on a first come first serve basis. Claim your digs! Rooms that are occupied must have a sign at the door with the player name.
  • Crops and Cattle brought up within the cities (like Laconia) are not for player use, however a player can purchase a row of field or a pen for cattle within the cities for 8 Silver each. The crops and cattle normally raised within the cities will be collected by me and supplied to the castle to supplement the castle food supply.

City Land Plot
Living within a city is free, but if you want to build anything outside of your room within the city walls it will cost 8 Silver. Simply propose an area to me within the city, and if I agree you may build there. This is very conveniant for those who wish to set up shops or other buildings, or perhaps monuments.


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